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Surface4 Surface 4 Pro - A Real Laptop Replacement

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  • Surface4 Surface 4 Pro - A Real Laptop Replacement

    Microsoft touts their Surface line of devices as the tablets that can replace your laptop. After several years and three previous generations, this statement is finally true. The Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that has most of the benefits of a laptop. The original Surface tablet that debuted in 2012 had many drawbacks including the ole windows 8 operating …


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    I will be ditching my iPad 4 and Laptop for a Surface Pro.

    Surface Pro 4 will be a PC, a laptop and a tablet for me. As an engineer there will be no equivalent device on the planet for me to replace what a Surface Pro does.

    Laptops are so heavy, bulky and useless if you are always on the go. I should be taking a Windows system to my university, my working sites, and wherever I travel. All of this will become practical only with a Surface Pro. [url=]Dissertation Help In UK[/url]


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      Have you ditched your iPad 4 and laptop for a surface pro yet?.

      If you have, have you had any issues so far, or has everything panned out like you had hoped?.


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