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Battleship Missouri BB63 Museum in Pearl Harbor

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  • Battleship Missouri BB63 Museum in Pearl Harbor

    visited my old ship this afternoon USS MISSOURI BB-63 at Ford Island, and got a tour of my old berthing, what a thrill.
    For a few moments it all came back to me, the life, the ocean and the entropy. I touched her rusty steel bulkheads and ran my hand over surface of the barbette and turret, the texture reminded me of sea and the salt spray, the breeze over the deck reminded me of the voyages I experienced on, above and below the deck. She is one of my fondest and dearest and it was good to see her again. The gentle swell of her line from her bow to her stern, sweeping and round like the body of a beautiful woman and demanding as the day is long, keeping her freshly painted and clean. And now she sits rusting, peeling and decaying, rising and sinking to the powerful swells of the harbor tides.
    She is not forgotten, and I still walk her decks in my memory, where she still lives on cutting a beautiful slice of waves from her bow. I still stand with my arms outstretched, embracing the wind and tasting the sea sweeping over the deck. I was good to see her again. I watched her in peace and in war, and hear the roar of her guns, the missiles launching in mighty arcs above her towards targets in IRAQ. I smelled her, breathed her in and held on for dear life as her 16 inch rifles roared. She is still just as beautiful now as she was then, but we are much older now, and I recall the moments of sheer terror, joy and pride as we earned our medals and awards, our memories, and our regrets. Now I see that we shared something. In my heart, where she and I and her brave crew sailed, you can still find us, where the ocean meets the sky, on the horizon, we still sail.

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    Wow. That was a nice read
    Sincerely liked it. I think its very poetic, gave me a feeling of how nostalgic it must be for you.
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      yes indeed


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        Nice trip to past, man <3

        Thanks =)


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          I agree! Thanks for this!