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Kolink Continuum KL-C1500PL PSU review

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  • Kolink Continuum KL-C1500PL PSU review

    Hi Zardon,

    I just read your review, but all the numbers in the DC output load regulation table don't add up. They are not making any sense to me. I also checked other reviews and they have the same problem.

    For example in the 1500W DC load you have:

    115,9A and 12,04V = 1395,44W
    22,62A and 4,95V = 111,97W
    18,85A and 3,22V = 60,70W

    This gives a total of 1586,10W, which is a lot more then 1500W, other numbers are also quite off.

    Your also totally overloading the minor rail with 172,67W, the max is only 120W, so you overload those voltages with a whopping 44%.

    I've also looked at two other reviews, the Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum 850W and Corsair AX1600i and they all have those problems.

    I hope you can take a look and can fix the results.

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    oh boy, some of those AMP figures are from different tables in the database. what a mess. Cant believe i missed that its probably when we upgraded recently. ill get it fixed. how embarrassing. thanks!
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      I did a quick check by like 20 different reviews, all looked good now.
      Only the AX1600i looked a bit strange. With 1500W the 3,3V and 5V are loaded much more then the 1600W test.