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Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

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  • Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

    Many people have problems getting this update combo installed and it affects Intel amd and others.. I know on the Asus site they give no instructions and fans that might try to help are all over the place and some try multi ways to get this installed with no luck.. Some say you need the newest bios- some say use power shell- some say install MEI first and another says install the Tool first and on and on.. I got the MEI installed with no probs- but When I tried to install the ME Tool I was getting the errors-->> 'Can't open AsIO.sys !! (2)'' I click exit and then I get- ''PEUpdater.exe run fail''.

    A nice person that actually tried to help and not just troll helped me.. jrodrigues helped me with step 2.. Thanks. I got the fixes installed and am said not vulnerable any more.. Maybe this will help others and is easy enough.. I hope so..

    ** A lil Background..

    Note: For some odd reason this page is posting
    [/url] on each end of the links- because of it you can not click on them..

    I am using Bios 2202 I updated when I built this system Dec 2016 and did not have to install a later bios to install this MEI and Tool update.. I am using drivers from Asus driver download page that was up to date when I built this system and the only ones that have been newly released/ updated since is sound and this ME and a few bios.. So I only installed drivers for MEI- USB- Lan- SATA- Hotfix and latest Sonic Suite Audio.. I do not use install AI Suite or newer bios because I read of problems and my system runs good.. I do not use install any of the other stuff on the downloads page.. My Nvidia vid card and Aorus Graphics Engine is up to date.. My W10 is the Fall Creators ver.. I use paid ver. Bitdefender 2018 and every few days run free Malwarebytes..

    Note: I got the MEI and TOOL from Asus downloads for my Mobo- from ''Chipset and Bios sections of downloads''.. Also I would use 7zip to unpack the downloads- it seems to have less probs with corrupted files..


    I down loaded and unzipped the MEI and ME tool.. I right clicked on the MEI AsusSetup exe and ran as admin- it installed.. I restart my system even tho I was not told to do so..

    I then turned off my Bitdefender anti virus.. I used 7zip and unzipped the Tool to 1 of my blank 1gb flash drives that was plugged into 1 of my usb 2.0 ports.. I safely removed the drive and plugged it back in just to see if files was on it.. I then right clicked the MEUpdate Tool exe and installed it as admin.. It said it installed ok and restart..

    I restart and then I used the Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool .. It said I am already patched and am not vulnerable.. That's awesome and I did not have to change my bios- I am still on 2202 and all seems to be well..

    Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel-SA-00086)

    Resources for Microsoft and Linux* users
    Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool


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    Did you notice any performance loss?


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      Not that I have seen- which I mostly game- most slow downs I read about is some read write speeds on some drives but I never tested for such a thing.. I would rather live with being a lil slower versus attacked by low life.. Even with said slow downs on few systems Intel still out performs amd in gaming and is what I care about- and best I read amd is hit hardest as far as loss goes.. I laugh some post saying amd does not need the fix- oh yes they do- its just meltdown they may not have to worry with- the other they surely do.. Other people have diff probs but is more their set up and or bios used- Asus puts out a lot of chitty or wrong bios and its monitoring suite sucks imo- I read of tons of probs with both.. I am glad I do not just install every new thing- as long as I buy no new hardware and really need a change in bios I will stay as I am- bios 2202 is good for my cpu.. I grit my teeth every W10 update and wonder what they are going to break or ruin next and if my computer will ever even start again after forced restart- other than for dx12 gaming w10 sucks real azz- its that forced California obama communism bullchit.. I do not think in the future I will buy Asus again..

      I took my time reading everything before I installed said fix' and was before Intel said not to install anymore.. I knew it was risk of loss but thought well- this has been out for a while and maybe people have been getting attacked lately and is why its talked about so much and I can not take a hit and stand the loss of all I have so I went with protecting myself and system versus hope I will never get hit.. It is lots of low life bastards on this world and I hope they all choke and die and I will not make things easy for them not in person or on the net is how I am and feel about it- so..

      I will go as far to say- I think most all virus and spyware is invented by the anti virus spy ware companies and then leaked out so criminals use it to attack others and to help sales of anti virus type programs.. As far as this Intel problem- I feel it is not beyond MS to put out back door stuff and or try to help others spy on or attack our system and is a way for communist marxist socialist fascist MS to transfer wealth to poor low life criminals.. MS tries to ruin older hardware and force people to buy newer hardware and or move up to W10 and then W10 sucks imo.. I so miss both XP and W7 but being a gamer and is what I build my systems for and is forced I had to go W10..
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