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  • unmountable_boot_volume

    Its finally happened and I am stumped at a problem.
    My Dad has a windows 7 ultimate computer that suffered about ten or perhaps eleven off and on events with the power in his home and now his computer will not work at all.
    Clever me, I F8 my way into the problem and notice his BSOD with the unmountable_boot_volume

    I sat for a few hours waiting for the repair function to load but it did not.
    I am inclined to find or buy an old Windows 7 install disk and see if we can fun a repair tool from there, but I am rather dubious of free downloads as they often have extra crap loaded on or you pay fifty bucks for a disk.
    Would a Windows 8 install disk have a repair tool that would be useful?
    Anyone, your advice is welcome.

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    If a large download is an option, you can find a listing official Windows 7 images here: [url=]Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads[/url]
    (all straight from Microsoft)
    Try the option to repair the existing installation. It shows as a part of the Windows 7 installation routine. If you're unlucky it can be a sign of a harddrive gone bad, otherwise the repair option should work.


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      well, tried to get beyond F12 and the diagnositics are reporting the codes that leads me to suspect that they hard drive has failed permanently.
      0F00 1332 and no read or write scores on the test...


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        You're gonna need Hiren's Boot disc.

        The actual download link is a bit tricky to find, but its legitimately free.

        It is a bootable iso, that you burn and load for power up.

        It has tools that are immensely helpful. It's tools can be very destructive too so be careful.


        They fixed the site it's easy to find now [URL=""]Download Hiren's BootCD 15.2 | HBCD Fan & Discussion Platform[/URL]
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          thanx bro


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            maybe i should go with this one
            [url=]How To Fix BSOD Unmountable Boot Volume STOP:0x000000ed ? | DESKDECODE.COM[/url]


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              wow, you replied to my old post.


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                Hi thanks keep it up.. [url=]windows 7 loader[/url]