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    Originally posted by niceguyrichy View Post
    word of advice for future consideration; don't go CrossFire if you're using a Creative card
    the drivers do not get along
    Whoa thanks mate! Though I can't do Crossfire/SLI since my board can only do 2-way SLI/Crossfire and the other PCIe slot is where I put my SB Z.


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      Hello hello! Happy new year to all you guys I have an update to share to you after three years of posting I got the Asus Xonar STX II 7.1 card. I am just wondering if the dolby effect on this one is as strong as the STX or DX( I like the effect that the sound have filters like a home theater where the sound is soft even on louder levels and floats to your face in every action you see on your screen have some little bass on the satellite speakers. I just noticed this card does not have or have very little effect on what I have described. Does anyone have any of the older version of the card or the DX to compare to the sound effect of what I have now?

      I have a friend that have the same set of speakers with the one I currently have and his gigabyte motherboard have "dolby home theater technology" in it with an altec alc 889 if I am right and the effect is awesome and is very immersive with anything he play with it like music is sounding like a live band inside your room, playing games feels like you are in the center where the sound floats around you.
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