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Is the 360 dead in Japan?

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  • Is the 360 dead in Japan?

    As leading retailers stop selling the console, we ask is the 360 dead in Japan? Has it become an ex-console? Is it pushing up the daisies? Shuffled off this mortal coil? Gone to join the choir invisible?

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    Nice article, really well written
    Interesting claim about Japan becoming increasingly more portable gaming orientated as opposed to the traditional console. Great sets of data (Showing that the PSP is best selling in Japan)

    Very good article, best I've seen in quite some time concerning a console

    Do you think this is the last generation of consoles, before portable gaming takes over, or is there still more to come?

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      The 360 has been on life support ever since launch here in Japan. MS certainly tried and must have spent a lot on promotions and advertising, but to no avail.

      The Japanese simply are not interested in foreign consoles, and also are not big on first person shooters like Halo. Non turn based RPG's like oblivion or Fallout haven't caught on either.

      I imported a U.S Xbox so there are no regional issues as I import all of my 360 games.

      IMO MS should have given up on the Japanese market a few years ago. It was obvious to me that it would never catch on. I wonder how much money MS lost in the Japanese market?

      Good article by the way!