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Can this laptop run the latest games?

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  • Can this laptop run the latest games?

    Me and my dad found this laptop, a mid-range gaming laptop but says that it can run the latest games with ease.


    i5-4200H 2.8GHz (Up to 3.4)
    GeForce GTX 850M 4GB DDR3
    RAM: 4GB, i can go up to 8

    My two classmates (who are good in gaming and PCs) said that this laptop can handle the latest games with no sweat, but i have asked in other forums and the response in getting is "Laptop's gonna get too stressed"

    So, can this laptop run the latest games on med-high settings while recording at 720p?

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    Your processor is good because i5 is the basic minimum requirement but the graphics card should be 2gb so it might do some problem.


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      Yup, I totally agree that i5 is also good for gaming. When buying laptop, processor, graphics card and RAM. 8 GB RAM is sufficient for many games but to get the best visualization and HD experience , you need to go for graphics card with i5 or i7 processor.


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        You could definitely game on it. What games are you actually wanting to play? (obviously some games are a lot heavier than others)

        Although, gaming and recording at the same time would probably be a push for this laptop.

        Your money would be better spent on a desktop, unless you really need the portability, as you'll get a lot more performance for your money.