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Posible Fix for GTX 970 Asus Strix Loud Noise!

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  • Posible Fix for GTX 970 Asus Strix Loud Noise!

    Hello everyone, i am here for those who had problems before with the asus strix 970 with the loud fan noise, it came to my conclusion that the fan cable may be in the way that is making your fan make those noises. see this image how i found out why the fan was so loud :

    So what i did was move the cable out of the way and pull it outside at the buttom of the card as you can see here :

    So for those who has fan issues, before returning it and make you go a week without a graphics card check and see if this is your issue, its easy to fix it yourself!
    If there was a treath already about this i apologize because i couldnt find a single treath about this fix.

    I hope this helps for those who has the same issue as me!

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    run spell check mate, but otherwise a valuable first post regardless


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      Very helpful. Thanks Pastechi. This has quietened it down big time.