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Mobile GPU, throttling? GTX 960m VS 965m VS 970m heat/performance?

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  • Mobile GPU, throttling? GTX 960m VS 965m VS 970m heat/performance?


    I've been considering a new laptop for a while now and will likely be buying one no later than October this year (2015).
    I'm looking for something under 2.5 KGS and as such I am considering 13-15" laptops but leaning slightly more towards 13/14" so that I can get 2 KGS or under.
    I have a desktop so I am under the firm belief that a laptop should be portable, hence the lower size and weight being priority.
    the intended use will be for everything from browsing, videos to gaming (Witcher 3 and any appealing new titles as well as older games like WOW and D3).

    My question, or rather what I'm hoping can be discussed is the differences between power consumption, performance and heat between the Nvidia range of mobile GPUs;
    960, 965 and 970. (as my budget can afford these models)

    I've read from many reviews that the 970 can often be throttled due to heat issues in such small factor laptops. Is it generally true that the lower end cards produce less heat?
    Or is it the case that a lower end card has to work harder to perform to the same standard and thus generates more heat/performance?

    Also, it is often said that the 970 produces 30-45% more performance than the next best card; 965 followed by the 960 performing some 15% below the 965.
    How much negative performance percentage (%) can realistically be deducted due to throttling?

    I may have more questions later after any discussion starts but for now, can anyone help with these matters? If you have thoughts or opinions which are just that (without evidence), please can you make it clear that it is so.

    Many thanks!