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MSI GT70 2PC Dominator unboxing

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  • MSI GT70 2PC Dominator unboxing

    As you can see everything is packaged secure to keep everything included safe while being sent and also maintaining the sleek MSI gaming look throughout the packing to the notebook itself.

    Here we have the plug and the power unit packaged correctly with bubble wrap around the power unit.

    Also inside we have a sleeve with a driver CD, warranty booklet/form, quick start guide, hot key F3 recovery function booklet, CE Compliance booklet and finally a competition entry to win a free notebook!

    Here is the notebook with the protective sleeve to protect the notebook further, also with the MSI dragon logo.
    Once that is off the notebook has a screen cover to protect from scratches and dust.

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    Here is the MSI GT70 2PC Dominator out of the box and protective sleeves, it has brushed aluminium lid with sleek and sensible branding; the dragon in Asian legends means the king of the world, this represents MSI commitment to provide only the highest standard of gaming notebooks to gamers worldwide.

    On the right side of the notebook is has 2 USB2.0 and a Blu-ray/DVD+-RW combo drive. Watch your favourite movies in unbeatable quality, and for your games which still require CD to install!

    On the right side of the notebook there are 3 USB3.0 ports; one of which is a supercharger port for extra fast speeds when you need to charge your phone in a hurry! An SD card reader, gold flash headphone jacks with MSI audio boost which enhances sound clarity and fidelity by 30%, this means you will never miss a sound when your gaming; and could save your life.. (In game of course!)

    On the front there are some indicators for Bluetooth, WLAN, battery, sleep, disk indicators.

    At the back of the notebook we have the security lack, the power jack, RJ45 port, VGA, m-DP and HDMI. This notebook can support up to 3 monitors at one time, without having to buy any extra cables! Therefore you can be playing your favourite game while getting tips on your internet browser AND be checking your Facebook all at the same time!

    This is the full layout of the keyboard/track pad as well as other convenient buttons such as media/turbo fan/backlit LED/airplane mode/display on/off/gaming button/caps lock and num lock. We also of course have the power button in the middle of these buttons to start up; I tested the start up speed and clocked it at around 9 seconds!

    Here is the 17.3” Full HD (1920x1080) anti-glare LCD in LED backlight screen. Also features an integrated HD webcam and microphone.

    Gaming in the dark? At a LAN party? Just want your notebook to look cooler than the rest? The keyboard featured on the GT70 is by gaming peripherals specialists SteelSeries! Featuring a fully customizable backlit keyboard, you can change your keyboard to have more than 1,000 different colour combinations! The SteelSeries engine also allows every gamer to customize every individual key as a hot key, making the possibilities endless for your gaming needs.

    MSI has worked with Dynaudio; a world-class name in sound systems, to feature on the GT series of notebooks. The GT70 therefore has incredible sound which has crisp, clear sound for a more enjoyable gaming and multimedia experience.


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      Here we have a small but important button, just above the touch pad is the on/off button for the touch pad so once you have plugged in your mouse your touch pad won’t be getting in the way; this is most important for the gamers!

      Featured on the steel series keyboard is a change to the usual keyboard layout, the left Ctrl button has been made larger than usual as it is an important key for gamers and is now more accessible when gaming.

      The windows button has moved from the left of the keyboard to the right, this has been done so you have less interfering you and therefore you have a much better gaming experience AND now you can’t use it as an excuse when you die in game!

      Here is the back of the notebook where all the usual bits are apart from a subwoofer as part of the Dynaudio speaker system used on the GT70 to provide more kick to the sound!

      Here is the spec of the notebook:
      17.3in (1920 x 1080) matt TN display
      2.7 GHz Intel Core i7-4800MQ (3.7 GHz Turbo Boost)
      Windows 8.1 64-bit
      8 GB DDR3 memory
      128 GB mSATA SSD
      1 TB 2.5in hard disk at 7,200 RPM
      nVidia GeForce GTX 870M with 6 GB memory
      dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi
      Bluetooth 4.0
      gigabit ethernet
      HDMI 1.4
      Mini DisplayPort 1.2
      3 x USB 3.0
      2 x USB 2.0
      3 x line-in
      1 x line-out
      SDXC card reader
      87 Wh lithium-ion battery
      428 x 288 x 59.0 mm
      3.9 kg plus 500 g mains charger

      Now to test the system with what we all love… GAMING!
      We tested Titanfall, battlefield 4, Batman Arkham Origins and Skyrim! Settings are maxed out on each of the games and settings are shown apart from Skyrim which has settings outside of the game itself. Each one of these games requires a lot of power… which the GT70 easily provided! The 6GB GTX 870M can handle any game you wish to play with ease, so gamers can have no problems when they want to play the next new game!


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        Skyrim managed to maintain around 70FPS throughout gameplay and really looked amazing on max settings!

        Battlefield 4 with max settings ran very smoothly online with the FPS staying around 40 – 60FPS throughout gameplay and was very impressive!

        Titanfall was on max settings but had a 60FPS lock and staying at 60FPS for the whole time playing, as for the graphics they were really impressive!

        Batman was on max settings and instead of playing it was put through the benchmark test, it averaged between 40-75 FPS through the benchmark which really puts the graphics to a test! It ran great thorough the benchmark and the game looked really good.


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          The laptop looks good. Doesn't it make a lot of noise (cooler) once you start playing games?


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            No, it doesn't make lots noise. We use thermal bridge connects both CPU cooling and Graphics cooling system together, once CPU or Graphics is hotter than another side, the bridge could transfer the heat to another side faster, so the cooling performance is over 15% on most usage, chip temperature is 15% lower at same watts, and up to 25% lower noise of the laptop system!


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                wish my ASUS ROG lappy looked that good.