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I need a Quiet PC!

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  • I need a Quiet PC!


    im thinking of getting a new tower, i want to be able to play decent games etc, but my PC is in my bedroom so needs to be quiet/silent

    i last built a pc about 6 years ago so a lot has changed

    i need advice on a super quiet tower case and cooling system, my budget is around 2000 so im looking for a system with intel 5820 and a gtx 980 and 32gb ram.
    doing some research corsair h100i keeps coming up as a water cooling system that comes with a radiator

    any suggestions?
    can i get away with a case without any fans at all nowadays?

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    Hey, I see it's an old post but I had the same issue recently. I ended up getting my PC from you can get a sound reduction package. My PC came with sound dampening foam and anti-vibration mounts on the fans. I can't say what else they did to it but it's unbelievably way quieter than my previous tower. I really have to pay attention to hear a noise.