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FPS problems-what might be causing them

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  • FPS problems-what might be causing them

    Dear Cooler Master,
    I was hoping you could help me with this. I am having strange fps drops in most games, it goes fine with 70-80 fps and in like every minute it drops to 10-20 for a few seconds. I have two guesses what could be causing this problem, one was that my power supply is on the edge of its limits and the other was that I have cooling problems.
    Either way I'm down to CM products as my PSU, case and CPU cooler are from you guys.
    The whole system:
    Case: CM N200
    PSU: CM GX-Lite 500W
    CPU: FX-8350 (no OC, CM Hyper TX3 EVO cooler)
    VGA: GTX760 (no OC, reference nVidia cooler)
    RAM Corsair 16GB
    I have two 3,5" drives and that's all.

    I would reckon that my PC should be strong enough for today's games on a single fullhd screen (and it actually is, just those few seconds.... ). I'm really on a budget here,so randomly buying other stuffs (like a new case or PSU) just wouldn't be an option.

    I've attached a screenshot of the temperatures after a 30-40 minute session of GRID autosport.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on what might be the problem here.
    Thank you!
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    this is old but I will add anyway- maybe can help others in the future- hope you got it right tho.

    Most games have a read me and seems people miss them and or they do not read on line about pc gaming performance and lets face it- it is a lot of idiots on the net that act like they know what they are talking about and are attention seekers like some lil school girl.

    Game read me' say- turn off all back ground programs other than your firewall- never turn off your firewall- is no probs turning off your anti virus and anti spyware type stuff when playing and should stop downloads and messaging programs etc etc. Even the said most powerful and multi core systems take a hit with back ground junk running while trying to game and especially if playing mp. Your isp speed and or connection or lan or routers etc can cause probs with fps and more so if in mp. Low speeds or load on it or faulty hardware can cause frame drops. Some people never clean their routers etc- can run hot and not work as well as should.

    What about the amd hotfix- what os are you using- the hotfix was built into every windows os after xp sp3 so the cpu runs right and if not had probs in lots of games- amd can not multi thread in windows- the hotfix fools windows into thinking your say 8 cores at 2gb each is really just 1 large 16gb core- so trying to game and multi task and back ground junk can cause probs and is a reason why amd is not as good a gaming system as Intel- but as said- all systems take a hit if not turn off the extra junk- just maybe more so for an amd system.

    Personally I would have gone with a 650watt psu but not only watts matter, +12v rail amps mean more- so a 650 with 50 to most have 60 amps on the +12v rail.. You have a lot of idiots that state- oh you only need 12 watts to run your system blaa blaa- and such info was great 10 years ago during the p4 era. The fact is you can not have an over powerful psu you can surely have one not powerful enough and another thing- the less watts and amps it puts out the harder it has to work and keep its self cool so the fan runs a lot faster harder to do so.. Another fact- psu' are rated in open air what 33c or about 77f and easy lose half its power once your system heats up. My system and 750 watt 62amp I have never once had or herd my fan kick on- it always runs at its lowest speed and helps the fan etc last longer. My 600 watt ocz multi rail psu every time I started a game the fan kicked on high- same system. 2 more things a powerful single + 12v rail psu is better than multi rail psu' and hard wired are better than modular units- modular units at each connection has resistance and or heat and less performance but is small.. Also is said modular units are more tidy and is a lie- modular unit wires connect over the whole side of the unit - hard wired psu' all the wires come out of 1 lil corner- you can hide the wires not used etc- but buy what you wish- but is lots of research on the net and facts if not wish to like what I say is fine- good for you. Do not buy a cheap no name high frills psu- your psu is the one and only thing that can ruin your whole system. My next psu will be a evga nova g2 750 watt modular but only for its 10 year warranty.

    Heat is a killer of systems and or performance.

    A case with good air flow is a must even on systems with wet cooling. I do not use vid cards with coolers that put the heat back into my case- I buy the coolers that vent the heat out the back- period- and the vid cards put out a lot of heat.

    Note: case vents and filters over intake fans can easy cut the air flow 50 70%- you should have more and the most powerful fans pushing air into your case and slower less powerful fans on your cpu cooler and exhaust for positive pressure and flow- if enough air in it will force air and heat out of the case and if filtered your case is cleaner- if not your whole case turns into a vacuum and sucks air and dirt into the case through every crack it can- You can also read on the net and has been lots of research - even the most thin coat of dust seen on your hardware acts like a blanket and can make it run hotter by 4 to 9 f - painting your case or diff stuff in it is way stupid and makes it run even more hot than dust.

    Personally I prefer air cooling vs wet- less chance of accidents and leaks shorting things out- less maintenance and a lot less noise and good air coolers are near as good as most wet cooling and you may or may not get a super cpu that overclocks well- besides the vid card runs a lot hotter I could see those wet cooled- also a custom loop do look nice but also costs a fortune- but they sound like a jet engine sitting beside ya and you really only get what a few extra 100 mhz- maybe 2 extra fps- 500 extra dollars in cost if custom easy and if not custom they are really not worth the effort much less the noise- is fine if a bench mark junkie or wish to push for the most high clock on earth- to each his own- just sayin.

    The main reason wet cooling is so loud- the rads or most have high fin count and are really close together and takes a lot of fan and noise to push air through them- some fools buy more quite fans thus less air flow and really have shot them self in the foot and really wasted money other than they can say- look at how cool it looks- but I do not mind them with money to burn or more rich vs I- but common sense pours out of me- something most on this earth lacks for sure. Another thing some do and is pretty silly- they buy a said quite case with sound dampening and put wet cooling in it- surely not the sharpest tools in the shed- again wet cooling is loud and the anti noise junk makes the case run a good 10f hotter vs a case with out it and again just shooting themselves in the foot. 1 more thing- all aluminum cases run cooler vs steel.

    I mod my cases- cut out all fan vents and normally make my own filters out of panty hose. Thus more air flow and less noise.

    Research says if air cooling your cpu- top downs cool better than tower coolers- the tim used means a lot also- I notice a lot still use Arctic Silver 5- it is of the worse you can use Period. As5 can short your system - as5 has a 200 hour cure time before it cools as best it can- as5 has maybe a 2 year life- bumping the cooler can break its seal or contact after its cured- it gets brittle and starts flake away and lose its cooling and as a whole does not cool so great to start with- is other products a lot better.

    I like MX2 or MX4 or Gelid GC Extreme- they do not conduct electricity and can not short your system- they have no cure time- they have a 8 year life- they cool a lot better than as5 and most others- of the 3 the Gelid is best but cost a few dollars more also- but is money well spent if a gamer and performance junkie. It is a few other brands and can argue are better at cooling but are they as good in general.

    A few more tips- try and keep your pc away from open windows and changes in humidity and keep them away from kitchens and bath rooms and do not smoke around them- cooking grease in the air or smoke gets into filters and covers your hardware in your case with oily greasy mess and can not just blow it off like normal dust- you literately have to clean it off with iso rubbing alcohol. Changes in humidity is moisture in the air and can turn dust and dirt on filters or your hardware into stucco. I built a nice system for a bud and go over 4 months later to check it out and service it - his filters and coolers inside had stucco on them - so no air flow and I felt he was abusing my child being I built it- he normally kept the room window open and was just across the hall from the bathroom- that case was sucking in lots of moisture for sure.- took me hours to clean it but fine- he paid for it toooooooooooooo.

    So for the op or others that might read- clean it- keep it cool- use good tim and turn off all extra junk in the back ground and do not use under powered psu' you should be good to go and another thing- a lil over powered psu is Future Proofing- see ya
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      Will add a few more things I have seen over my years of gaming if having odd problems.

      1. Check for windows update- I do not let windows or anything on my pc auto update other than my security. My system can act odd sometimes- surfing a lil slow- fps going crazy- check and see- sure enough windows need to be updated and I guess keeps bumping the system in the background.

      2. Same goes for Adobe Flash player or Reader. I have always thought this really odd but is true.

      3. If been surfing a lot and not cleared your browser in a while gives you probs- is a good thing to clear such and restart your pc- I normally as a rule run quick security scans before I restart or turn off my pc- most junk attacks during start up.

      4. If playing different games- sometimes a game does not run right and can lag- can play 3 -4 diff games and game 5 lags like hell- is no certain number- just saying some games act stupid if try and play them after been playing another. Restart your computer. I think its a good idea if surfing a lot or doing anything much on your pc is a good idea to restart it if going to play a game and if playing 1 game and want to change up and play another is best to restart first- 5 minutes out of your life will not kill ya and you can get up and walk- go to restroom or get something to drink- something.

      5. 1 more stupid thing Ive noticed about Windows over the years and over multi ver and systems. A lot of people do not wait long enough for windows during start up and all programs to start and load and check for its updates etc. Windows is not fully started and ready to go until you get the lil icon- mine on W7 is a lil Flag and is when you get the- You need windows update pop up thingy. If for some reason I mess with my keyboard or mouse after I start it or open a program or browser before windows starts up good- everything is slow and laggy and it does not go away. I never turn my pc off or let it sleep- I let my monitor turn off after 10 mins if idle- other than that I restart it or is an actual power outage- as a rule I give my computers a good 4 to 5 minutes after restart them to let windows start up good- and W7 and will guess same for later os when the systems are idle windows might reorganize the registry or defrag/ organise files- I turn off auto defrags. Some program or windows if set to auto can be downloading or installing updates in the background and system going crazy fps dropping and you not know whats going on.

      I noticed over the years Adobe flash if set to auto does not try and update until a restart and then it tries to boss and can cause other programs to spas out- Adobe does not seem to like to wait its turn or something and other programs can do the same and you not know it and or forget about something installed on your pc. As a rule I set all programs to let me say when to update or download. I let my security update when it wants but it does not normally do so if I have it off while gaming.

      6. If game on say Steam or Origin etc.- turn off auto updates while playing from its settings.

      Some of these things might sound silly but I swear to gauwd each of these things can cause probs. Adobe has surprised me more than a few times if needs updating- both the flash player and reader. System can truly run like chit if not let it start up good. Systems need to be restarted and or browser and stuff cleaned up. Lil silly things can cripple your awe powerful system.

      Windows can act stupid at times and start doing tasks like the system is idle but you are deep into game or doing what ever- never really understood that one either.

      Good Luck to All
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        No.2 Flash. Man I hate that bloated security risk of a program. I only run the one that comes with Chrome.

        Uninstalled all other versions. I was amazed to find that Macromedia who provide flash had left files all over my system disk. In prog data, users app data and more.
        I was really pissed off about it. The sooner flash and its Adobe reader cousin (bloated security risk) are gone the better. Will it happen? Truely awful programs. Probably the biggest security risk for otherwise careful PC users.